Meet Sylvia and Jonathan - Our introduction video.
Recent TV/Film Syncs
Bit-Ballerina Bulldog (Best original Score Nominees Gullruten 2016)
 Lysleite - (Gullruten Award Winner 2014)
 BBC Sport - 6 Nations 2016
 Coming Soon - Boat Build Doc 2016Children's cartoon animation BBC Sport - Wimbledon 2015

 Sandefilm - 2015 The Mountain Queen - TV Documentary6 Seasons of Award Winning TV Series Der Ingen Skulle Tru

Below are some earlier Syncs and licensed work

MTN advertising campaign (current)

(non exclusive license)
BBC Wimbledon
(non exclusive license)
NRK - Original music for TV
(exclusive license)

Independant film original music
(exclusive license)
EBU / CYBC Broadcast recordings
Eurovision compilation CD/DVD
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